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Super Strong Adhesive Tape


A repair adhesive tape for Canvas or tarpaulin products,
like canopy, tent, awning, tarp and truck cover etc.
(as well as for reinforcement)

13 colors available


==Long seller over 20 years in Japan==

Please watch demonstration video for how strong it is against water


Sound Signage





●CAFE, Restaurant & Shop





Highly-focused audio speaker
Clear voice at a low volume
Several speakers can be placed close to each other

Easy to carry
Roll-up and keep it compact

Easy to install
Connect speakers with associated amplifier and your audio source

Floor Graphic Sheet





Graphic Sheet for Outdoor Advertisements


●Save Time & Cost
No protection film required after printing
●High skid Resistance
●High abrasion resistance
●Applicable directly to asphalt
●High reflection




Application: Asphalt, Concrete, Tile, etc.

Applicable ink: Solvent ink, Eco-ink, UV-ink, Latex ink

Floor Graphic Sheet

Sandless Sandbag




Block food
Protect from damage


●No Need of Soil
Easy handling in urban cities, no development of dirt, mildew and bad odor
Soak in water and it becomes swollen within 2-3 mins
●Light, Clean and Thin
Anyone can store at home
●Shelf Life
About 5 years




Please watch below video for more specific information

Image video

TiO2 (Self-cleaning) Membrane Fabric




●Special TiO2 stain-resistant technology

●Excellent weldability